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Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in both men and women and it affects an individual mentally and physically. This type of skin condition doesn’t allow them to step out with confidence. Hyperpigmentation may occur for multiple reasons, like genetics, sun exposure, hormonal disorders, and drugs. Identify how it happened and it can be treated at the renowned skin clinic. 

But in most cases, we avoid investing in the hyperpigmentation skin treatment just because other people misinformed us or because they had the worst experiences. So here we are sharing the myths and expert facts about hyperpigmentation that will lead you to the awareness path. 

As per the skin expert, these are the myths about skin treatment of hyperpigmentation that we are debunking today 

From friends or family, you might be hearing this kind of myth about the skin treatment, hyperpigmentation, which is covered here. Along with this, read the facts that will help raise awareness. 

  • Scrub to remove hyperpigmentation

This is a general myth about hyperpigmentation and that is why our grandmother always scolds us to use “ubtan” and scrub harder to remove the darkness from our faces. 

  • Pigmentation will disappear on its own

Pigmentation is not like aladdin ka chirag, in which you rub and get what you want. This is a skin issue that takes time to get removed from the face and most skin issues are interlinked with gut issues. Ensure that you are healthy from the inside so that you won’t face any issues like hyperpigmentation. 

  • Laser treatment always leave scars

Laser treatment always stays in the suspect situation, and people just randomly make assumptions that it would be good or not. With the evolving techniques in skin and hair treatment, it is not easy to digest that these innovations could help in any way. 

But none of the other options would be better than the laser treatment, which is highly effective, affordable, accessible, requires no downtime, and is suitable for everyone. 

  • Over-the-counter creams 

Another most common myth is that hyperpigmentation fades away from over-the-counter creams. The creams chosen by themselves don’t mean they will work as expected. So if you want better results, then it is crucial to advise on creams and medical procedures for better results.

  • Ignore hyperpigmentation

There are numerous causes of the common skin condition known as hyperpigmentation. Most of the time, people just overlook the consequences, which results in major issues. 

Facts about Hyperpigmentation 

Here, we are sharing the top facts about hyperpigmentation that allow you to make the necessary decision to beat the hyperpigmented face. 

  • Sun protection is needed 

Sun protection is important to consider because major skin issues arise from it. Whenever you step out of the house, it is crucial to use quality and suitable sunscreens for better coverage. 

  • Always opt for the one-size fits all approach 

If you are planning to treat pigmentation, then it is crucial to have the best treatment that improves all your skin concerns. For such results, you can connect with the best skin treatment clinic and skin doctor to come to a better conclusion. 

  • Professional diagnosis is crucial 

As we know that - the causes of hyperpigmentation could be many, so it is essential to know the right reason due to which it happened. The better you diagnose, the better treatment you can find for yourself. Look for a skin treatment expert who could help you irrespective of the skin type and ongoing skin concern. 

  • Post treatment rituals are important 

The post treatment rituals are crucial to follow. Maintain your face as per the expert suggestions and give updates to them. If you find any changes, then connect with the expert in skin treatment and get rid of the issue. 

  • Lifestyle and food habits also matter 

Lifestyle and food habits both play a crucial role in enhancing the brightness and darkness of the face. As we have stated that - gut health is also responsible for skin and face related issues. The more healthy your gut will be, the higher the probability of getting improvements in skin. 

What are the treatments for hyperpigmentation? 

To treat hyperpigmentation, there are many skin treatment solutions available, like - chemical peel treatments, laser treatments, and microneedling treatments. 

Chemical peel treatment 

In most cases, hyperpigmentation occurs due to the layers and layers of dead skin. A chemical peel treatment helps to remove the dead skin layer and create a new layer that enhances the texture and quality of the skin. As the skin’s dead layer is removed, it also removes skin concerns like hyperpigmentation.

Laser treatment 

Laser treatment through laser technology is another high end treatment option that improves the skin’s appearance by removing hyperpigmentation issues. 


Microneedling treatment occurs from the needles that are pinched into the skin gradually. This results in boosting collagen and enhancing the skin’s appearance by removing the hyperpigmentation issue. 

The results of all these procedures depend on various factors and these treatments require multiple sessions, once is not enough. Also, these treatments are not a piece of cake and that is why they should be done under the supervision of experts. The treatment from the renowned skin treatment clinic always makes patients feel responsible for their skin issues. 

The best advantage is that they are ready to go procedures and do not even affect your daily routine.

Are you also looking for hyperpigmentation eliminating treatment options? Then you can connect with GLOW SKIN LASER CLINIC in Pune for customised treatment solutions. 


Hyperpigmentation is not a minor issue and that is why, instead of relying on traditional practices, focus on the innovative methods that turn your appearance. Also, there are many misconceptions about this treatment, so today we are breaking each one. Once you break down the myths, then this is the time to embrace the facts and enhance your skin appearance by providing them with the best skin treatment solutions in Pune.