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You can find the General Information only on the web. The information on procedures and results provided through our online and printed materials is often of a general nature.

Before and after photos of patients reflect actual patient outcomes. However, it is important to remember that individual patient results can vary significantly and you may get a different type of result than another patient, even if you think you look the same in the "before" photo.

During your consultation with your cosmetologist doctor, do not feel shy or do not be hesitated to ask any query or doubt you have in your mind regarding your Treatment.

The information on our website, brochures, newsletters and other materials is not a replacement for an individual, customized consultation that includes a corporal test, history taking, a discussion of potential risks including possible common complications, the pros and cons of various procedural options, and possible outcomes (outcome expectations) of your cosmetic procedure.

Only a personal consultation and examination can help your doctor / cosmetologist provide you with an insight into what you can expect as a unique individual.

Remember that all procedures is likely to cause a lasting permanent scar- and it is likely that the scar will fade about 12 to 15 months or longer, but some scars are unpredictable and quite obvious on some skin types. There are marks.

Make sure you are comfortable with any and all possible risks before consenting to procedure.

It is vital to understand that there are still unexpected components to all procedures; Potential complications including the risk of unwanted appearance or scarring, and other risks associated with your surgical procedure or non-surgical rejuvenation treatment.

Make sure you follow your Doctor/ Cosmetologist pre-op and post-op recommendations for the best recovery and procedure results.

Be sure to ask about what you can expect from your procedure and your process options; Fully discuss the risks involved and decide for yourself whether you are really prepared to risk the potential complications and risks that are inherent in these types of surgical or rejuvenation procedures.

Elucidate with your Cosmetologist what you want or expect from your procedure: (a) realistic, (b) achievable, (c) appropriate for your body type or health conditions.

It is very crucial for patients undergoing procedures that you are a definite non-smoker – not even a social smoker.

Plan well for your procedure, treatment and recovery time as well as your procedure payment options.