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After the intense pulsed light laser, today we are going to introduce the carbon dioxide laser that works magically on the face and skin. Enhanced the appearance, removed acne scars, baggy skin, warts, and much more skin concerns. This magical laser treatment will bring back your younger look and add charm from every angle.

In this blog, you will learn about the CO2 laser, its benefits, and pre- and post-treatment procedures.

Either men or women, presenting yourself as the “epitome of elegance” is important in the corporate and professional community. Your skin and facial beauty enhance confidence and present your image as highly qualified in a particular industry. Instead of losing opportunity due to age, now is the time to have CO2 laser treatment from the best laser treatment clinic and replenish your glow.

What is a CO2 laser?

As technology evolves, there are a few more technologies introduced that overpower the industry, among others. Being versatile in nature, this CO2 laser is worthwhile for almost every skin-related issue.

The introduction of CO2 laser technology is the best and most effective laser technology that doubles the benefits of laser hair reduction treatment. Incorporating CO2 laser technology into the laser hair reduction treatment provides additional benefits like stimulating collagen production, removing scars, and improving skin appearance.

Benefits of CO2 Laser Treatment

Here are the following benefits mentioned below for the CO2 laser treatment:

Precision of the laser

The precision of this CO2 laser treatment brings the best results and is suitable to avoid any extent of damage.

Collagen production

The production of collagen fosters healthy skin, improves skin texture, and minimises wrinkles and ageing signs.

Remove acne scars and wrinkles

CO2 laser treatment is highly effective for removing acne scars and fine lines on the surface of the skin.

Long-term results

For long-term, better results, you need to perform multiple sessions of CO2 laser treatment.

Enhanced complexion

The best thing about CO2 laser treatment is that, after getting done with this treatment, patients experience a great change in their skin texture, tone, and uneven hyperpigmentation.


Being versatile in nature, CO2 lasers eliminate several skin issues that skin doctors also address for patients. For example, skin imperfections, scars, pigmentation, and damaged skin can all be recovered with CO2 laser treatment.

Removes ageing signs

Patients between the ages of 40 and 50 prefer to have the CO2 laser treatment because it works as an anti-ageing treatment and removes ageing signs like scars, fine lines, wrinkles, baggy eyes, saggy skin, and warts.

Pre- and post-carbon dioxide laser treatment with precautions

What should I do after and before the carbon dioxide laser treatment? Well, if you want to have this answer, then we have mentioned all the points below that you should not overlook before heading towards the carbon dioxide laser treatment.


  • Consultation

A proper consultation plays an important role, and it helps the patient make the right decision about the benefits of this treatment on their skin.

  • Medical history and skin assessment

Before proceeding with the treatment, a quick medical assessment is necessary to get an overall understanding of the skin. Being a doctor, it is crucial to understand the type of skin and further skin issues of the patient.

  • Avoid sun exposure

After undergoing the carbon dioxide laser treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks. The harsh rays of the sun may cause itching, redness, and many other issues.

  • Skin care

Treatment alone can’t bring better results if you don’t pamper your skin as per the instructions of your skin doctor.

  • Discontinue skin medications

If you started the procedure, then it is recommended to discontinue the skin medication for better results.

During and post-treatment procedures

Post-treatment procedures

  • The best results come when you follow the post-treatment procedures well.
  • A bit of downtime may be possible if you are done with the post-treatment procedures.
  • Proper hydration and moisturization are required to get the most out of it.
  • Avoid physical activity for a while, as it causes sweat and may cause itchiness and allergies on the skin.
  • Don’t forget your "follow-up appointment,” as one session will not be as effective as the suggested session by the skin doctor.
  • If any kind of changes occur in the skin, then connect with the same laser treatment clinic more promptly.

During the carbon dioxide laser treatment, the patient must wear protective eyewear and use anaesthesia and numbing medication to avoid pain and add comfort.

Where should I visit for CARBON DIOXIDE LASER Treatment?

Carbon dioxide laser treatment is a precise and versatile treatment that needs to be done under the supervision of experts. The collaborative efforts of the team, high-end equipment, and a hygienic clinic are all needed. So if you are wondering about the best laser treatment clinic for CO2 laser, then GLOW SKIN LASER CLINIC is the best skin clinic you can visit. They offer the best-quality skin and face laser treatments in a cost-effective manner. 

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Carbon laser treatment is a versatile treatment that heightens the appearance of your face and skin. It eliminates the scars, unevens the pigmentation, improves texture quality, and removes all the ageing issues. This is one of the best laser treatments after IPL, and if you are wondering about the best laser treatment clinic, then GLOW LASER SKIN CLINIC is the best skin clinic in Pune for optimum results. Visit today