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Perfection after makeup and dress comes up when opening up the hai. But what if your black dress is covered in white dandruff? Then it will resist your efforts to go out. 

As per the statistics, 50% of the adult population is affected by dandruff. In the market, there are several brands that are marketing their anti-dandruff products to treat dandruff, but it is crucial to understand the root cause of the problem. The more you understand the issue, the better solution you can select. 

Glow Skin Laser Hair Clinic is the best hair laser clinic Pune, and we will explain the cause and treatment of dandruff to you. 


Listed Down The Main Cause Of Dandruff - 

The dandruff issue is not a fatal one, but it could be embarrassing to flaunt hair with dandruff in front of others. Also, don’t fall for the enticing advertisement where they guarantee quick dandruff relief. Doctors recommend that this is necessary to know the root cause of any problem; it helps to prescribe the treatment. Here we are listing down the following main causes of dandruff that may help to recognize the real problem in the body


-Oily, and irritated skin 

-Yeastlike fungus that feeds on oil 

-Sensitivity to hair care products 

-Psoriasis and Eczema 

-No use of shampoo in a week 

-Over Brushing the hair 

-Exposure of sunlight 

-Excess use of hats and its pressure 

-Dust and dirt 

-What you eat matters 

1. People with oily scalps are at a higher risk of developing dandruff. Use products that reduce the oil production on your scalp. 

2. Use oils that do not allow the fungus to feed on them. There are many people who have sensitivity to hair care products, so it's better to have products that suit your scalp. 

3. This is okay because you don’t have time, but it is your responsibility to keep the skin and hair clean. If you haven't kept both things up, the glow on your face may suffer as a result.  

4. Sunlight is becoming a problem, and if you are spending too much time in the sun, you should keep sunscreen in your hands and cover up your hair to protect both. 

5. Hats could be trendy, but excessive use of hats can also cause dandruff. Also, it is recommended to avoid wearing hats while sleeping. 

6. Dust and dirt are also the main causes of dandruff. This was required if you were going on a trip and needed to wash your hair more frequently. 

7. Eating habits are also responsible for dandruff, which is why it is required to consume olive oil, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, yogurt, and avocados. 


  • Best Treatment To Get Rid Of Dandruff -

Glow skin care clinic offers the best laser hair treatment service in Baner and face treatment in baner, and it has a well-experienced team and is well-equipped with technology. For males and females, hair is another priority after healthy skin. But the change in lifestyle has changed the daily routine that affects the health of the skin and hair. 

Problems that people face with hair are - 

1. Baldness 

2. Infection 

3. Hair disorders 

4. Hair loss 

4. Dandruff 

6. Rough and weak hair 

7. Split ends and frizzy hair 


To get rid of these issues, Glow Skin Laser Hair Clinic, Baner has introduced the treatment with laser technology. Red light therapy or cold laser therapy emits the photon into the scalp tissues, and the weak cells absorb the photon and treat the problem in the hair. 

The radiant skin and hair clinic in Baner, GLOW, explained that laser is a safe, secure, and reliable solution for hair. There are no side effects or pain for either male or female patients. 


Wrapping Up -

"Hair is a crown; you never wanted to take it off"—when looking in the mirror, this enhances beauty and confidence. So if you are someone who is looking for the best alternative to treating dandruff, then consult with the laser hair removal clinic Pune


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