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Hydrafacial, or hydradermabrasion, is a skin treatment that is well known among beauty enthusiasts. This is a renowned skin treatment like PRP and microdermabrasion that involves deep cleansing, extraction, exfoliating, and moisturising. The three step process deeply replenishes the skin and makes it youthful and younger, like it was in the teenage years.  

As per the expert skin doctor, this facial treatment has created a buzz among the celebrities of Hollywood and B-town. Being concerned about your face is crucial, and this regular skin care regime becomes a part of it. Choosing this facial treatment will never be a regret if you forget to consider the following points. 

In this blog, we are sharing the following points that you need to consider right after a hydrafacial if you want to sustain the beauty and charm before and after the hydrafacial treatment:

Here are the following things to consider right after a hydrafacial to retain the beauty:

Here are the following things that you should consider right after a hydrafacial treatment:


  • Avoid sun exposure

Hydrafacial treatment is a kind of skin treatment that is performed through a laser, and hence it is crucial to avoid exposure to the sun. The sun exposure right after the laser-based treatment may cause itching and irritation. Hence, it is required to keep yourself away from the sun for at least 1-2 weeks.


  • Stay hydrated

Proper hydration through water in the body is important for the growth of cells and also complements the hydrating effects on the skin. Water is also a key to healthy skin, and a sufficient amount is responsible for overall body hydration.


  • Gentle cleansing

Use a cleanser twice a day to avoid any harmful pollutants and to properly clean your face. Avoid cleansers that have active ingredients that may cause irritation, and use products that are made just for your skin.


  • Moisturise regularly

Moisturization is an important step in the skin care regime, and it helps to bring better results from hydrafacial treatment. Ensure that the moisturiser is non-comedogenic and provides a smooth and supple experience.


  • Avoid harsh products.

Avoid retinoids and strong acid-based skincare products, and let your skin breathe for a while after a hydrafacial treatment.


  • Don’t touch the face more often

After hydrafacial treatment, avoid touching the skin after every second, as it may cause patches and irritants.


  • Avoid saunas or take steam

Steer clear away from the hot-temperature regions at least after one or two days of hydrafacial treatment.


  • Skip exfoliation

Hydrafacials are being performed under multiple procedures, and one of them is exfoliation. Once you have done that, there is no further requirement, at least after one or two weeks.


  • Limit makeup or no makeup

The makeup for working women is necessary, but try to avoid makeup at least one or two weeks before and after for better results. The makeup has ingredients that may cause irritation, so it is necessary to avoid them.


  • Follow the post-treatment instructions

Considering the post-treatment procedure, instruction is crucial as it can make or break the overall effort, time, process, and money. Keep in mind the things your skin doctor or cosmetologist has suggested to you.


Can you wear makeup after a hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment, and this skin treatment deeply cleanses the skin and eliminates dead layers. Wearing the makeup just right after hydrafacial treatment may cause irritation due to the direct contact between the ingredients in the makeup.



Hydrafacials are not painful enough, but there are a few patients who are feeling a bit uncomfortable due to this laser-based skin treatment. As per the skin experts, hydrafacials are not painful, a bit of irritation is possible, and it is a temporary issue that doesn’t last longer.

Wrapping Up

The post-treatment procedure after the laser skin treatment, like a hydrafacial, is important to consider. Avoiding sun, makeup, and any kind of irritant products; proper hydration; moisturization; and staying clear away from saunas and steam rooms are the common things that you should consider after a hydrafacial. Keep an eye out for the tips and suggestions of the skin doctor from the skin clinic. The expert skin aesthetician understands the skin type and on-going skin concerns and then suggests the best possible skin treatment for the skin. So if you are looking for a skin clinic in Pune, then GLOW SKIN LASER CLINIC is the best clinic to sustain your skin’s radiance.