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For men and women - hair loss is a common problem that may affect the overall mood of an individual. The common reasons for hair loss are the change in lifestyle, pollution, anxiety, and the use of marketing products. But GLOW skin laser hair clinic offers the best hair care treatment in pune and we are also sharing the natural home remedy to get rid of this hair loss problem. 

As per the latest survey - around 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss problems. So if you don’t want to see yourself in these numbers, then this is the time to take action towards the suggestion of Glow Skin Laser Hair Clinic. 


Here are the following tips to make the hair strong and shiny 


  • Healthy diet - 

A balanced diet plays an important role, and if you want to beautify your health, skin, and hair, then keep your mind and eyes open before putting anything in your mouth. Here are the following foods that you should contain in a balanced diet - 


        1.   Egg ( rich in zinc, selenium, and other healthy hair ingredients )

        2.   Berries ( anti-oxidants, and rich in Vitamins C )

        3.   Spinach ( folate, iron, and Vitamin A and C )

        4.   Fatty fish (omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D )

        5.    Sweet potatoes ( a rich source of Vitamin A)

        6.   Avocados ( rich in Vitamin E ) 

        7.   Nuts and Seeds ( vitamins E, B, zinc, and fatty acids) 

         8.   Sweet peppers ( Vitamin A and C ) 

         9.   Meat (a rich source of protein and easy to absorb iron) 

        10.    Soybeans (a rich source of spermidine ) 

         11.  Beans ( good source of protein, zinc, iron, and biotin )   


  • Exercise - 

   Watching Netflix on the couch will never strengthen the hair and that is why you need to jump out of the bed and perform a few activities. Exercise is another effective           remedy to boost hair growth and eliminate hair problems. Some of the best exercises are as follows  - 


      1. Kapalabhati 

      2.  Adho Mukha svanasana 

      3.  Sarvangasana 

       4.   Matsyasana 

       5.  Uttanasana

       6.  Vajrasana 

       7.   Sirsasana 

       8.  Balasana 

If you are just starting out, make sure to do these yoga poses under the supervision of a yoga mentor. The following yoga improves blood circulation to the mind, and this helps to eliminate grey hair, loss of hair, and many more by practicing consistently daily. 


  • Use products that suit your hair - 

There are many hair products available on the market, and if you want to choose any hair serums, shampoos, or hair colors. Then prefer herbal and organic brands over the rest and pick only if it suits your hair. For girls, this is necessary to note the following tips if she wants to avoid hair loss - 


           1.  Avoid hair styling and heating tools 

           2.  Don’t  use harsh chemicals for temporary shine 

           3.  Never skip massage and oiling 

           4.  Avoid  brushing wet hair 


Now Let’s Look Towards The Signs Of Hair Loss That You Should Not Ignore 

Here are the following signs of hair loss that you should not ignore; this is a red flag that you need help from the best hair treatment provider.  


        1.  Thinning of the hair

         2.  Bald spots  

         3.  Reduced hair lines 


Best place to head on for skin, and hair treatment  

GLOW is the best clinic that provides all skin and hair treatments. All the treatments for the skin and hair are performed under the supervision of expert doctors. We have the best treatments for laser hair removal treatment in pune, facial mesotherapy, microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation, dandruff treatment, and hair loss. 


Wrapping Up - 

“Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world” - hair is another thing that amplifies beauty. For this reason, it is crucial to take proper care of your hair and take advice from the best hair treatment provider like GLOW hair laser clinic. This clinic will help you to bring out the best version of yourself.